Barry Forshaw, @CrimeTimeUK, interviews Christina James

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Today, I’m honoured to be given space on Barry Forshaw’s CrimeTime site.  He has interviewed me about myself and Almost Love.  Very many thanks, Barry!  🙂
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§ 4 Responses to Barry Forshaw, @CrimeTimeUK, interviews Christina James

  • vallypee says:

    A very interesting interview, Christina. I enjoy reading these guest interviews as I learn so much new background information – the reasons you chose Spalding as your central location, for example. I’m very glad to hear you are working on number three of the DI Yates series! I’m looking forward to that very much.

  • Marjorie Lacy. says:

    Congratulations Christina, you are certainly working hard at ‘putting yourself about’. This seems to be part of the authors workload these days, it must pay off, the radio and television are full of authors telling about their book – all good stuff if it gets people reading. i have enjoyed reading your books, I don’t know Spalding well, only driven through on the way to somewhere else, you have made me think it could be worth a visit! Thanks.

    • Thanks, Marjorie! Well, yes, it’s the lot of writers to self-publicise, unless they’re lucky enough to win a prize or something that puts them in the public eye! I won’t be alone in finding it rather strange to be challenging my instinctive sense of reserve! Spalding is a pleasant market town and boasts a very good bookshop, Bookmark. It’s not big and one can easily ‘take it in’ en route to somewhere else! I’m biased in its favour, of course. 🙂

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