cricket bat

So, one hundred posts since becoming a blogger and I’m still at the crease.  I have been bowled over (not out) by the response from my readers, who have so far been very supportive of my innings: cheering me on by their positive comments here and on Twitter; generously sharing my best shots and kindly looking the other way when my technique almost had me out.

I had thought before I started that this game would be a little local affair, with breaks for tea in front of the village pavilion, a close circle of forgiving friends and a relaxing drink in the local afterwards.  I thought that I would be familiar with every bump and hollow of the word-wicket and hoped that I wouldn’t be stumped for carelessness.  However, I realise now that my sporting efforts are on view to the world, with an already astonishing number of regular spectators from around the globe, and I can tell that they are very knowledgeable and will expect no less than a perfect performance, especially when the standard of the game is so high.  As a result, here I am, practising ever more rigorously and maintaining my fitness, worrying about each stroke.

Right now, I’m acutely aware that I’ve stretched to breaking point a very extended and not particularly appropriate metaphor and, before I lose whatever blogging credibility I have, I’ll say how much I have enjoyed writing these hundred posts, reading reactions to them and doing my best to reply.  The blogging community is a warm and friendly one, ever willing to communicate and producing entertaining and enjoyable writing; for me, it’s rewarding and stimulating to discover new blogs and new posts.

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to share my experiences, ideas, attitudes, opinions and beliefs with an ever-increasing number of people.  I value your responses and hope that you enjoy giving them.

I’ll try very hard to sustain your interest for the next hundred posts!