Not a cliché in sight...

Not a cliché in sight…

And so (thankfully), with Santa, arrives the end of whatever insanity there was in 2012; the nation turns its attention to sincere goodwill, especially within the family, which gathers itself for its annual affirmation of mutual affection.  The family cat, never happier than when the visiting throng appears, admires the tree at close range and wonders why its usual spraying spot has moved indoors (a convenience, indeed!), before admiring every wonderful bauble at very close range; the family dog, always willing to share the festive joys, has quietly disappeared Auntie Sheila’s present of special diabetic chocolate to a quiet place behind the armchair, to keep it safe.

Everywhere outside, good taste is measured by the colour and quantity of festive lights.  Nowhere is more friendly than the supermarket checkout, though the car park outside comes close.  Road peace on the M1 near the Meadowhall mall prevails.   The weather does its best.

Everything bodes well: television listings are inspirational; not a cliché in sight.  There is peace in heaven and on earth and all is well.

Enjoy the break.  Enjoy the total cessation of crime and violence.  Enjoy the sanity, and Santa.  If all else fails, there’s always fiction!

(Oh, and this blog!)