Not about a baby… but a moral crime, in my book

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Views my own, but one or two people may share them!

Views my own, but one or two people may share them!

Our society thrives on gossip and there is, apparently, nothing more entertaining to us than to get the goss on celebrities, especially when they are members of the royal family.  I believe that there has been some news this week about a couple of them, but, for myself, I have done no more than register the single central fact of the story, just for knowledge’s sake.  I can do the rest in my head rather than have my head done in by a stream of statements of the obvious which the rest of the world seems to want to pore over, with some noticeable exceptions on Twitter!

Frankly, if ever there were a need for gagging the media, it’s now, as they focus with the usual unacceptable intensity upon the private lives of a young couple who deserve to be left well alone. Their families aside, who have a right to be interested in the detail, I honestly feel the rest of us can manage well enough with our knowledge of procreation.  There are currently some very worrying stories about women in the world which should demand our attention and, whilst we might like some good news to cheer our miserable December souls, we don’t need to have pages of it rammed down our gullets.   Good luck to you, happy fecund female and proud mate; we understand your excitement, your discomfort and your joy.   We’ll want to know that both mother and baby are healthy and well on your publication day, but now the world really does have other things to think about.

‘We’re expecting’  …  less intrusion.

Woman is pregnant.  Sorted.

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