9781844718771frcvr.inddToday is the day that my book has been published.  When In the Family was little more than the glint of an idea, I dreamed of this day.  I don’t know what I expected  –  certainly not some kind of red carpet event!  Hundreds of booksellers beating a path to my door?  Having been a bookseller myself, hardly that!  The best that I can hope for is that booksellers in all sorts of places are very kindly getting sweaty and grubby opening boxes which contain my book among others.  Booksellers are the great unsung heroes of the publishing industry and they deserve a separate blog entry to themselves about that.

So what is happening today?  A mellow autumn sun is shining palely; the leaves continue to fall.  I’ve been to the local farm shop to order a goose for Christmas and was lucky enough to find the ‘fish lady’ there, so bought a crab for dinner.  All of this feels like a celebration –  the kind of celebration I like best, just appreciating the good things as they come and knowing the book is there, like a warm glow in the background.  Thank you for your support along the way.  I hope that you will find a way of celebrating with me, too.

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