In a month of very new experiences, I’m proud to have been accepted by the Crime Writers’ Association this week.  Yesterday, I received my CWA member’s card, some very helpful information and the three latest copies of Red Herrings.  I’m delighted to discover that the editor of Red Herrings lives in Huddersfield, which is not very far from where I am, and I’m hoping to be able to meet him.  The information about meetings, conventions, conferences and readers’ groups all looks exciting.  The CWA’s Diamond Jubilee Conference takes place in Bowness at the end of April next year.  I shall certainly attend and hope perhaps that it will enable me to meet some of the readers of my blog and some of the merry tweeters I have so far encountered ethereally on Twitter.  In the meantime, if you have advice on how to make sure that I get the most from the CWA, I should be very grateful to hear it.