Now that viewers have had a chance to see Alfie Barker’s trailer for In the Family, I should like to share with visitors to this blog a view of his talent.  His film Assumption, which went live just over a year ago, found favour across the world and, as you will see from the comment below, has been seen by Shane Meadows (Director of This is England, who said, “I honestly thought it was a really touching film, very restrained, which is rare, and poetic.”) and also by IMDb founder Col Needham.  The film has just finished a year-long North American film festival tour, which started at Vancouver’s International Film Festival.  Alfie has had his films presented in Malaysia, Estonia, Bulgaria, New York (where Assumption “received the longest and most enthusiastic applause of the evening”), California and the U.K. and has won twenty-one international awards.  His latest film, No Regrets, which tackles themes related to the harsh disease of Alzheimer’s, is due out in December.  If you like what you have seen, as I am sure you already do, you may wish to check out his website at to view his fabulous work.  Expect to be moved.

I am privileged and proud to have been able to work with him.