Trains to Liverpool

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I have almost finished reading The Suspect, by Michael Robotham.  I hadn’t come across the author before – the book was recommended to me by a friend.  I am extremely impressed by Robotham’s skilful characterisation and especially by the way that he gains the reader’s sympathy for the protagonist, who is not a very attractive character.  I’m fascinated that one of the pivotal events of the novel involves a train journey to Liverpool.  By coincidence, a train journey to Liverpool is also significant in the plot of my own novel, In the Family, although of course for a different purpose and with a very different outcome: Robotham’s Professor O’Loughlin finds evidence that will vindicate him in Liverpool, while my own character, Hedley Atkins, goes there to meet catastrophe.  I am also gratified (See my blog entry of October 25th.) to note that the opening chapter of The Suspect gives a detailed account of the history of a cancer patient and his rescue from a suicide attempt and that this character does not appear in the novel again!

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  • Christina – I’m glad you’ve had the chance to read some of Robotham’s work. In my opinion he’s quite talented. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of the novel when you’ve finished it. And it’s interesting isn’t it when you discover the way other authors approach the same themes, topics, settings etc. that you’ve treated. I’ve had that happen too and I always learn from the different perspectives.

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