Well, circulating on Twitter over the w.e. was an app to keep writers happy!  In the words of the website: “Your time is too valuable to waste.  For the cost of two lattes, Freedom will help you fight evil distractions so you can get your work done.”  Ten dollars buys you the ability to cut yourself off from the ‘net to concentrate on your writing.  Personally, I wouldn’t go for it; it’d be a bit like nicotine patches for me, who doesn’t smoke anyway!  Although I do inhale a bit of ‘netstuff, I’m not addicted and if I’m writing, it can go hang; likewise, four-legged friends will have to go walking without me once I’m engaged with my imagination.  I’d much rather have an app which dealt with the washing and ironing…  I do have a coffee maker already, but the downside is that he costs a lot more than ten dollars and I’ve had him for a lot longer than a ninety-day free trial.